About me

Here's me, a 47 year old Belgian woman who never stopped dreaming and happy to rely on a solid dose of confidence in life.


I am an active sportswoman, always in for running, skiing, hiking and dancing.


Passionate about helping others and with a special interest for languages, I love to work with non-natives, helping them in learning Dutch and finding value in reading books.


As a Coactive Coach I developed a solid set of coaching skills, enabling me to support people in finding out what fulfills them in life, looking at life from different perspectives, facing and embracing the emotional level in life and making conscious choices by using one’s full potential.

How it all started

Call it a midlife crisis or whatever you like, but in my 40'ies, after a traditional timeline of studies and a succesful career in sales and coaching, I became aware that something needed to change if I wanted to follow my values in life : freedom, adventure, beauty, learning, helping and connection with others.


It was the start of a transformation process that resulted in more clarity on what really matters to me and in making some conscious choices instead of living in routine and letting life pass by.


From my life to MY LIFE.

From grey to gold.

From good to great.

Life's what you make it

So I faced the consequences of my urge for freedom and an unfulfilled desire to go and travel, discover new places and meet new friends. It required to quit home, work and my folks and so I got off, travelling through South America.


I’ve been on my way for two years. A time of discovery, connection, adventures and  surprises. I took life as it came by and enjoyed the feeling of timelessness. Some accidents tried to break me, but they couldn't stop me from continuing my way.


I ran hundreds of kilometers, supported by dozens of sponsors, enabling me to hand over the amount of 2.500 euro's to the foundation "Ninos del Arco Iris".


But most of all, I found peace in me, one of the most valuable gifts in life one could get.

Feeling inspired by my travel through South America ?

Come along with me and discover the taste of freedom